Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key to PI-DDS, LLC’ success in reviving profitability and pleasure in a dental practice?

We assist the dentist in eliminating administrative distractions. This frees more hours for their chair-side schedule which leads to higher profits.

How does PI-DDS, LLC compare to typical practice management groups?

PI-DDS, LLC’ top management is dental-professional and business driven. We have many management tools at our disposal and have the appropriate professionals in place to use these tools effectively. As hands-on dentists with years of professional experience, we are highly sensitive to the way procedures affect your daily practice. All of the PI-DDS, LLC staff members remain constantly alert; protecting your best interests.

What will change if I use PI-DDS, LLC to meet my goals, anticipated lifestyle and other needs?

PI-DDS, LLC is a resource. You can use us to reduce costs, control inventories and process most or all of your administrative work. The most important change will be to remove paperwork burdens from your shoulders. You will have more free time to increase your professional skills, nurture your client base and spend your personal time in a more satisfying and rewarding way.

What perceptions of my practice are likely to change?

Patients will notice a more relaxed atmosphere amongst both dentist and staff. Treatment presentations will be more effective which will result in increased case acceptance as well as the number of referrals.

Which areas of my practice are most likely to be improved by using PI-DDS, LLC?

Your practice is unique. PI-DDS, LLC approaches each practice with an open attitude. While our methods are tested, the application of these methods are designed to benefit you and your practice in the most effective way.

How can I decide which services of PI-DDS, LLC will benefit me the most?

That will depend upon which administrative functions need the most immediate attention and which areas, if changed, might result in the greatest impact upon your profitability.

How do I get started?

Simply call us and let us know of your interest in discussing our services in more detail. We’ll set a mutually convenient time to meet.

How are costs determined for the services and use of PI-DDS, LLC?

A brief discussion and review of your practice should help us determine the scope of your activities and the volume of your practice transactions. We will be able to give you an informed estimate, at that point.

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