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Whether you are a Start up or small group looking to grow, PI-DDS can help to increase your profitability, deliver human resources management including staff recruitment, position your practice for growth and security, develop your unique identity, and establish the systems and procedures that will support your needs. If your are an established practice looking to become more, PI-DDS can help by creating a successful marketing campaign, developing your human resources to be the leaders you need, putting the technology in place that can handle your growth, and alleviating those administrative headaches so you can concentrate on your vision. We can help with selling dental businesses as well, by working with you to positioning your practice to receive the maximum value that it and you deserve. We can help to increase its goodwill and overall appeal on all fronts so potential buyers are offering you top dollar.

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Human Resource Management

Benefits Program
Professional Training & Accountability
Motivation & Development Programs
Monthly Meeting Facilitation
Front Office Training


Position of Practice/Identity Building
Ad Production/Design & Schedules
Cooperative Advertising Programs
Direct Mail Campaigns

General Office

Accounting Including Accounts Payable
Receivables Programs Management
Electronic Insurance Processing
Macro Management for Low Stress
Intra and Inter Office Systems


Pursuing Excellence of Profession
Increasing Services to Patients
Exit Strategies
Quality Assurance Programs
Communication Skills with Staff
Communication & Skills with Staff
Access to Growth & Development Programs
Camradarie, Second Opinions
Learning Leadership Strategies


Practice Management Software Solutions
Using Technology to Maximize Efficiencies

Purchasing/Inventory Controls

Preferred Vendor Programs
Supply Inventory & Management

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