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We help companies to reach their goals by working with them to build from the inside out.

We do not believe in providing cookie cutter solutions for our clients from afar. Each business has a unique positioning strategy. Each has its own corporate culture. Each has its original goals. This is why we immerse ourselves with you and your particular needs. While PI-DDS has time-tested strategies and methods that we know work, we mold and shape these philosophies to fit your situation. Many professional services companies want to deal out the same solutions time after time, before they get to know you. You can rest assured that PI-DDS will never treat you or your business in this way.

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Human Resource Management

Payroll Benefits
Professional Training & Accountability
Motivation & Development Programs
Monthly Meeting Facilitation
Front Office Training


Position of Practice/Identity Building
Ad Production/Design & Schedules
Cooperative Advertising Programs
Direct Mail Campaigns

General Office

Accounting Including Accounts Payable
Receivables Programs Management
Electronic Insurance Processing
Macro Management for Low Stress
Intra and Inter Office Systems


Practice Management Software Solutions
Using Technology to Maximize Efficiencies

Purchasing/Inventory Controls

Preferred Vendor Programs
Supply Inventory & Management

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